what not to do...


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We respectfully suggest,  from our observation of the many bad Web Sites, that you:

do not: Give the job to the IT department...

  • They are overloaded (all IT departments are overloaded).
  • Creating a Site requires full focus for a short intensive period. Deflecting the IT department has many costs.
  • They are expensive and better employed doing what they are good at.
  • They rarely have the needed Management, Marketing, Communications, Sales and Design experience.

do not: Cut Corners...

  • Your image to the outside world is at stake.
  • Another lousy Web Site will surely result.

do not: Use bells and whistles - because they are there...

  • The only role of graphics in business is to enhance the message.
  • This also goes for Animation, Video and Sound.

do not: Change style if it works...

  • 'If it ain't broke don't fix it.'
  • The image you have would have to be rebuilt.
  • A change is expensive.