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scope To encourage a return visit, an effective site must be dynamic and seen to be dynamic. 'here on a daily or weekly basis you can get valuable to you up-to-date information'

'Tomorrow look here for the
lottery numbers in advance'

..if this is achieved then the site is capable of attracting advertising revenue. Consider if you should host a database of particular value to your potential customer base. With modest advertising the entire site could be self funding.

If you are producing a monthly newsletter or mailer, with almost no extra effort a Web version can also be produced. This makes your Web Site more valuable and much more likely to be revisited.

players Maintenance, like a good PR plan, includes an implementation schedule, e.g.




Press Releases Client Weekly E-mail to AW
Newsletter AngloWebs Monthly Briefing
Data up-dates AngloWebs As needed E-mail to AW
Jobs Client As needed E-mail to AW