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response, cost, implementation - term, database publishing

response Typical turnaround times:

  • Minor text changes, press releases - same day
  • New page - 24 hrs
  • 2 page newsletter - 2 days
  • Other - request availability ...

cost, implementation - term Scheduled items for an agreed term of 6 months or one year, where you provide the texts, incur a fixed cost, please request a quotation.

Non-routine items which cannot be scheduled in advance, or items where we develop the copy, as with Public Relations, incur a retainer plus per project costs.

Send text/data changes in any convenient format - e-mail, Word, Excel, .PDF, etc.We proof and publish the new/revised data within an agreed timescale.

If the data to be published is from a database the agreement covers who captures the data, who maintains it and what communications and access are needed.

database publishing AngloWebs has wide experience in writing programs for database front-end capture and back-end publishing. Applications include software catalogues, book catalogues, contact directories, etc. published to Print, Internet, Intranet, CD, Diskette and Fax systems. The back-ends feature cross references and multiple indexes.