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preparing the brief
Outsource or DIY?
'Site Design Check List for quotations'

preparing the brief  Many items need to be considered and decided before a quotation can be made or a professional site produced.

In summary:

  • What overall image do you wish to project?
  • Does the proposed communication reflect the current vision and objectives of the organisation?
  • What regional and/or departmental segmentation is appropriate?
  • What are the products/services, who is the audience, what are the messages, what are the delivery vehicles and mechanisms (Print, Internet, Intranet and Multimedia options, etc.)?
  • Do each of the delivery vehicles complement each other, e.g. PR, Newsletters, Brochures, Internet and Intranet, Annual Report, Corporate Brochure?...

Select item headings from:

  • About - vision - profile...
  • Contact directory
  • Road Maps
  • Site map
  • Key products - prices - order forms - data sheets - applications - case studies - clients...
  • Press releases
  • Events
  • Jobs
  • Newsletters - content...
  • Annual report(s)
  • Surveys Questionnaires and Feedback - Server(s) CGI scripts and/or FrontPage extensions
  • Search - Server(s) CGI scripts and/or FrontPage extensions
  • Secure Commerce - Products covered, Cards accepted...

Select mechanisms for each of the above from:

  • Text - who writes the copy?
  • Moving banner text(s)
  • Database content - contact directory, products, prices, datasheets, application notes, etc.
  • Documents - conversion? format?
  • Photos - library, clients existing, new
  • Library Clipart
  • New Original graphics
  • Animated graphics
  • Animations
  • Videos - library, clients existing, new
  • Audio - clients existing, new


  • Who approves the multimedia elements? - How long do the approvals take?
  • Structure - summary of all above, a site organisation chart - number of pages, multimedia elements and linking.
  • Publishing the Web Site
  • Publicising the Web Site

If you know exactly what you need and can complete the 'Site Design Check List for Quotations' (see below) the process can be done at arms length and we will provide a quotation by E-mail. This is much easier said than done, so...

If you prefer to work with us in person to produce the brief, or to provide an independent study and recommendation, where our deliverables would range from a completed site brief to a new integrated Communications Plan. This would be charged at our consultancy day rate. Communications Studies range from 1/2 a day for a small organisation well on top of the subject, to several weeks for a large multiproduct,  multinational.

'You must be happy with this step for any communication to be effective.'

What to Outsource and what to DIY?

Few serious organisations DIY when it comes to the design and production of their annual reports, because the style and quality reflects directly on the image of the organisation.

If this is true for an annual report it should be more true of a Web Site, which often has a much larger mandate and audience and within which the annual report is a small part.

Points to consider

Making the style of an annual report fit the organisation and its current objectives is a challenge for an experienced designer and communicator. Doing so for a Web Site is very much more of a challenge because the media (HTML) imposes restrictions in layout while allowing new options of video, audio, animation and feedback, each with its own quirks and limitations.

The already sizeable list of required skills and experience has now to include: computer, HTML, software, GroupWare, CGI scripts, programming, database publishing... the list goes on.

The fact is, most commercial Web Sites do not do justice to their subject despite, and often because of, the new multimedia capability. This is primarily because if they understand communications they do not understand computers, and vice versa.

What is needed is a combination of skills in Marketing Communications, IT and Design - not separate organisations or individuals at loggerheads, as is often the case, but working together or ideally individuals trained and experienced in all of the key disciplines.

AngloWebs has expertise and over 20 years of experience of PR, Advertising, Selling, Marketing, Copy writing, Proof-reading, Graphics Design, Typography, Database Publishing and IT. It also has the necessary independence, interpersonal skills, focus, motivation and tools.

In reality decisions on who does what are critical. We can build the site from your data or we can help you produce the data with the minimum demands on your people.

The process is similar to the production of an annual report, it should involve the same people plus department heads for the content / messages to the wider audience.

Site Design Check List for Quotations To enable AngloWebs to produce quotations and sites to truly reflect client needs, with the minimum time and cost, we have evolved a, tick the boxes and fill in the blanks 'Site Design Check List for Quotations' If you proceed, an expanded version of the same document becomes the  'Site Design Briefing' and later the 'Project Implementation Plan'. It covers dozens of items to ensure that the content is appropriate and to identify what has to be done, by who and when. If you have decided to revise or build a Web Site, ask for a copy by E-mail  from