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appropriate multimedia elements, graphics, copy, versions

appropriate multimedia elements Select the elements to complement the messages and the audience:

  • Text
  • Moving banner text
  • Graphics - still or animated
  • Animation
  • Video
  • Audio

graphics creation To complement your existing or desired style and enhance the messages - We offer original graphics creation with your own copyright or non-copyright material from our own library and selected material from a wide range of other libraries.

graphics style Use of photos, illustrations, cartoons and graphic elements to enhance the message.

Lets Negotiate ..................Lets Negotiate

copy creation Succinct, appropriate and effective structure and marketing copy, supplied by you, or provide us with the headings and raw data, and we will write the copy.

  • Your style
  • Quality / performance
  • Complements existing?

versions Text only, Graphics as option, Frames as option, Multimedia as option.