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‘if you can write—you can paint’
a practical guide


Peter Turner’s latest book, published by Spencer-Bradbury Publishing at £12.99


ISBN-13 9780955758607

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** '. . . blows away the cobwebs and leaves readers heads a whole lot clearer.'


'. . . the most valuable and down to earth reference for aspiring painters in decades.'


'. . . a good read, paint or not.'


'. . . definitely not your average 'how to paint' book.' 


* '. . . if YOU have decided to follow your dream with a paintbrush, you’d be well-advised to arm yourself with a copy of Oil and Watercolour Demystified . . .'

In 40+ years of painting and tutoring Peter Turner has learned that we all have capabilities we were unaware of and a style of our own.

Having learned to use the tools of painting the real challenge is what is painted and in what style.

This down to earth book seeks to demystify and speed the learning process by, among much else, several serious challenges to conventional wisdom.

220mm x 210mm, 68pp with over 100+ beautifully reproduced photos and illustrations the book features high quality binding and papers.

'The book is an ideal gift for all those interested in art
and for the many who wish to take up a new interest. By itself, the understanding and use of the 'Real Primaries' is a revelation'


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INTRODUCTION―Is a broad overview of what painting is, the several skills involved and how easily or otherwise they can be learned and practiced.

In DRAWING―Composition, Proportion, Perspective including Foreshortening, Contrast (Tone) are covered in both ‘exposé’ and ‘how-to’ form.

COLOUR THEORY AND PAINTING PRACTICE―Exposes myths and misinformation about colour for artists and makes the case for a ‘limited palette’.

STYLE AND STYLISATION―Further develops the theme that our own style, cultivated and developed is what gives a painting its value both to ourselves and commercially and takes a sideways glance at ‘what is art’.

FIRST STEPS―Looks at the impact of ‘fashion in framing’, ‘photography’, and ‘materials’ on today’s painting. What to buy and how to setup will equip the beginner and improver with valuable insights avoiding many hours of ‘trial and error’.

WATERCOLOUR TECHNIQUE―Looks at the issues specific to watercolour with its unique and challenging aspects given a practical ‘how to’ treatment.

OIL TECHNIQUE―Demystifies oil painting and once again explodes several myths and misconceptions. Practicality is paramount.

The APPENDICES―One to six assist further in materials, what to buy, exercises and the invaluable ‘True’ colour wheel.

** Full Review from the UK's premier Art Magazine:

The motto of Peter Turner — a painter and painting tutor with 45 years’ experience — is “if you can write you can paint”. While this might initially appear a flimsy assertion to the uninitiated or inexperienced, after reading the introduction alone, you begin to appreciate Turner’s thinking. Turner compares learning to paint with learning to write, and argues that the difficulty lies not in the mastering of the basic rules but in the cultivating of style.

Using diagrams photographs and paintings by Turner himself and other artists, the reader is given masses of visual props to the text.

Turner’s voice is warm and inclusive — in fact he acknowledges the amount of “bunkum” talked in the art world and seeks to make painting accessible to everyone. He quashes myths, sets up a framework for working and prescribes dos and don’ts in the quest to unearthing your style. This is a light, slim volume yet is packed to the gills with advice, which manages to be encouraging rather than patronizing. Turner blows away the cobwebs and leaves readers heads a whole lot clearer. MA

May 2008 Artists & Illustrators Magazine

* First Review in December 2007

THIS is the time of year when many people take up a new interest, and if YOU have decided to follow your dream with a paintbrush, you’d be well-advised to arm yourself with a copy of Oil and Watercolour Demystified by artist Peter Turner of the Marsh Studio, Hungerford.

At just £12.99, this lovely, compact and practical handbook gives you the tools to speed up the learning process and develop your own style.

There may be many instruction manuals already on the market, written by practicing artists, but this glossy little book feels good. Peter’s clear instructions, with well-chosen illustrations, progresses the novice artist, step-by-step through choice of equipment, exercises in drawing, colour theory, style and technique to the final stage of committing oil or watercolour to canvas/paper.

And for those who might still feel a little daunted by the process, he has words of reassurance: “If you can write, you can paint”.


December 2007 NWN